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Bomanite offers you the quality of over four decades of stamped concrete from the company that invented colored, textured and imprinted architectural concrete. Offering a selection of more than 100 different patterns in 25 different colors, quality durability and affordability. Bomanite can withstand the harshest Canadian winters to the blistering hot summers. Bomanite allows you to create and design your own personal project. Our highly trained professionals will also be available to assist you with your choices.

Bomanite has remained the leader in the architectural concrete industry for over 50 years, it has a network of over 250 specially trained and licensed franchise partners in 70 countries. We have established and maintained a commitment to quality that is unmatched in the industry.

Our highly skilled concrete craftsmen receive ongoing training and technical support from the Bomanite Corporation which allows us to have access to hundreds of other qualified licensees world wide. The Bomanite name ensures you as a customer that you are hiring the most qualified concrete contractors in the industry.

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